Marketing Online is Making Money Online


So get on the MOVE and start advertising your small business or online projects better!
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  1. Fantasi42 says:

    My tips is to let a lot of people know about my buissnes.

  2. John Galvin says:

    The key thing for people new to the Internet is to DO THE MATHS! If you’re being offered the chance to earn $76million by “simply referring 3 people” and paying a dollar, for example, try calculating just how many solar systems your site would have to go out to for this to happen.

    On the flip-side, don’t be discouraged at the sight of a joining fee. This tends to weed out the wheat from the chaff. The Internet is just a medium to do business with – it isn’t a business in itself. In the real world, there are required business setup costs like shop rental, advertising and a reasonable amount of stock to move. It’s unreasonable to expect something for no outlay.

    When marketing your product, you’ll come across Traffic Exchanges. These allow you to accrue credits when viewing people’s sites and, in turn, these credits allow others to look at your business. Start with a handful of around 5, to start off with, and upgrade your accounts in each of these. Paid members enjoy a higher number of credits and. as in the real world, you get what you pay for.

    You might wish to finance some of these upgrades by joining a few PTC (pay-to-click) sites. Similar to Traffic Exchanges, you click on links that advertisers have paid for and earn a share of the revenue.

    I look forward to meeting you at the top,

    John Galvin.

  3. I tried marketing eBooks and software I’ve made over the past 2 years, and had no success, so I switched to Paid To Click sites – has been my best-paying site so far, with a total of over $500 in less than a year – My marketing strategy is simple – I host a small ‘ads’ page, with all my links to various PTC’s and traffic exchanges in one place, with my picture and name on it to ‘brand’ myself, and let people choose what they want to try – Slow, but reliable…

  4. Ben Ferm says:

    Hello You.

    One of the most responsive things I have ever encountered during these past years as an online marketer is this new, so called, busines social networking.

    There is no question about it, counted in time spent versus persentage of sign-ups, sold items and new leads gained, social networking is my nr1 source.

    Ben Ferm
    AdvertiZerZ Online

  5. Stefan Berg says:


    Great Initiative…

    I work and been using the Funnel technique now the last years. I have my own but there are a few great ones out there start with Affiliate Funnel. That means you use squeeze pages (short webpage where you give away a product, service) and they fill in a form with name in email to get it. The funnel technique is simple but need to be treated correct. You need working eye catching pages, start with free web builders, but in time your own domain is important. when people sign up you need great emails and idea what to sell or work with. Many don’t have own product’s but Clickbank works or other marketers things. If you want and like to build a Business around a company or niche affiliate programs works but here you need to be careful. Many think that new programs, new products is best to join cause it’s easier to get refs… I say that is wrong in the longrun… Pick quality not Hyip… I work with DHS Club Mall for that reason. This I call the core end of the funnel program. This can be different, for a TE owner coaching program can be a good core program.

    There are 3 things needed 1. Hosting 2. Autoresponder 3. Tracking (don’t advertise in blindness, you want to know what works where)to have a system to take care of the customers. Direct sell and/or use affiliate pages direct on traffic exchanges do not work… There are 1 thing you should promote…YOU….yes YOU… If you Own a product and service you still promote YOU and the business, logo… Never promote other people or programs if you not have a reason or deal with them, but still promote YOU at the same time always… Branding is one of the things TE’s is good at…

    Later when you take the Next step… Your own product or program is a very good thing to build your business around. Not necessary for all if you really follow The Training in DHS and apply all teaching and go for it. Please think more then 1 time before you open a TE or a program before you have many contacts and know marketing…otherwise more work then money (many don’t make money at all). Learn from people who know what they are doing… Conferences like SWAT and Affiliate Funnel is a great place to be to meet great marketers and learn what to do… I Have most of the recommended programs on my blog… and by the way I’m also building on my domain …

    Later on I will launch my new TE. I had many many chances to do it but as I said, better to do it right and plan get good partners and people who know what they are doing, save time and also money. Yes it takes some money to take off faster, not much but some and reinvest it and grow.

    I made some money also in Investment programs, but here we have to be careful not all are legal or pay you or even have a business only rotate the money that come in…

    I like Traffic Exchanges and you can actually make some money with the Tools you use… Yes I make a few $100 in some TE’s… I’m a big fan of 50% commission ones… I use it in my funnel susyem to recommend tools to use… for my customers… Yes better to have your Own DL builder… Now when we talk Traffic Exchanges… Use the ones that works… not the ones that give most bonuses, credits competitions and so on… Results is King and results means cash and Cash Is King… How to know which ones to use? … Tracking where you get the sign ups from… Another thing with TE’s … many think it will help your ranking in Google, Yahoo and so… that is wrong do not work anymore… Alexa yes but nothing more…

    And by the way it far better to use splashpages, squeeze pages for your business anyway and point them redirect people to your page that way you get real visitors and many back links … This goes where ever you promote… you need returning customers and that is what we call Build a list… and yes this is a must… Not only for the list itself but to have a successful business… returning happy customers and great biz partners comes out from a list…

    When you have set up your system… then we talk advertising, follow up and customer service… IM is a very good tool… free and do wonders… Yahoo, Skype is great … If you don’t have a system and don’t know how to set it up… go to Affiliate Funnel and get started… To many start in the wrong end… Join a affiliate program and start surfing and show the pages they get… and end up with 0 … I say start with the system, where is the money suppose to come from? …If you don’t build your list and have set up some kind of system or have an mentor upline helping you in DHS or other affiliate program… STOP surfing now and start at the right end…
    It’s better to buy credits if time is the problem and use that time to developing, create, modify the business then use all time surfing and try to advertise a model, page, system that doesn’t work.. If you tried a few month nothing will change if YOU don’t change and change the Biz model.

    This is only a short explanation what works and what is not working… There are much more to learn and same for me… I’m reading a lot and right now I’m studying a guy who make many 1 000 000 / year online… He started on the street and are now one of the top dogs… He is a great teacher and inspiration source… Learn from the successful and be successful yourself…

    Take care

    Stefan Berg

  6. Sean Supplee says:

    This was a great blog and thats the key. Getting up to MOVE forward. I know a lot of people are like well the guys at the top know all the secrets and ins and outs. I am here to tell you there are no secrets honestly. It is all about finding a product, service or something you like and sticking with it. I see far to often people jump from one program to another trying to make a quick buck. Thats not going to happen. Those people at the top are those people who stick with a program. Build their list and teach others the same thing they are doing. Here are some easy steps to get you on your feet.
    – Find a MLM write an ebook or whatever you might enjoy and stick with it.
    – From here build a web site do not use the web site that the MLM program gave you. Your promoting their business for free and not yourself. From this page add on something that has to do with the business you are with and promoting. One of the things that works for just about everyone is how can I market better online to make money. Sell this product on your web page for either a small or larger fee. $7 – $39 After they buy this product you know they are interested in making money and you can now call them thanking them for their order and talk to them about the business you are with. Nearly 80% of these people WILL JOIN UNDER YOU. The reason for this is because they get to know you as a person and know you are going to be there to help them.
    This will help you make that extra income you always dreamed of.

  7. Once upon a time, viral marketing consisted basically by email . But now it has progressed far beyond that. You need to have a marketing strategy and be able to accomplish your goal of creating a successful viral marketing campaign. There are several ways to accomplish this task and when you utilize all of them together it will be truly unstoppable.

    Chat Rooms/Forums
    Web Casts/Pod Casts
    RSS Feeds
    Invite people to tell their friends
    Traffic Exchanges

    There are many other ways as well and this is just the tip of the iceberg. As you go on you will find many other useful ways to make your campaigns explode virally.

  8. Betty Moon says:

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  9. I believe that perseverance is one of the things that has sustained my efforts in online marketing. Its definition says it all.
    “steady persistence in a course of action, a purpose, a state, etc., esp. in spite of difficulties, obstacles, or discouragement.”
    Too many give up when they don’t get immediate results from their efforts. Sometimes you just have to keep plugging away in spite of not seeing immediate results.
    Many people have a “good” idea and expect “great” results
    in a very short period of time. When it doesn’t happen, they lose belief in it and themselves and quit.
    It’s really all in the numbers.

  10. Cheryl Mason says:

    I started as a complete newbie and learned valuable information from MPAM. One of the most important thing is set some goals and then organize your daily tasks.

    Persistence and a positive attitude will get you to your goal if you never quit.

    I have also found that a very inexpensive report can give you consistent sales versus high dollar programs as EDCDiamond which I was a member of.

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  12. guide says:

    I came accross this website today searching for any informations. I did not find them, but your site was very interesting.

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  15. Mev says:

    I saw your website while surfing. You have an interesting site. One thing I’ve figured out is that you must not only persevere in these online marketing businesses, but also know when to quit before getting knee deep in debt.

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