Bux Websites Flee Toward Alert Pay

It seems Pay Pal is once again on the hunt for websites that just don’t fit its protocol. The latest target to pop up on Pay Pal’s hit list has been the Bux websites. I like most of the Bux websites and have found them to be a great way to earn money and advertise for unique visitors. They are some Bux websites that have spoiled it for some of the more legitimate ones. I have been paid by most of the ones I am a member of and I had a couple to just disappear in thin air.

The Bux members don’t have to run for the hills quiet yet. Alert Pay is now seeing a huge swing in sign ups and all the webmasters from the Bux websites are in the process of adding Alert Pay instead of Pay Pal. I have enjoyed the services that Pay Pal provides and I can see how both parties might not like each other. No matter who side you are on in the Pay Pal vs Bux Websites brawl; it’s clear one person that will come out of this squeaky clean and that’s Alert Pay!

For those of you that are not familar with Alert Pay, you can rest assure that its a very good online payment processor. I have been with them for almost 2 years now and never had a problem with them. They work very much in the same way as Pay Pal does. Don’t be scared of the new guys in town, because they really aren’t that new and have been around. Even if you don’t mess with the Bux Websites, it still might be a good idea to get an Alert Pay account today, so you have a plan you can quickly put into place, if an emergency would occur with your Pay Pal account. So relax Bux members, this is just going to be a slight bump in the road and I believe there is a place online for all the honest Bux websites out there!

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  3. Yes I do agree every marketer online should turn toward alert pay they have upgraded to compete with pay pal, the only problem that we are having since converting over to alert pay, is reaching alert pay members, any suggestions? It would be awesome if we could reach all of them.

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