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Star Trek Movie Launch

I’m sure all the “Trekies” out there will be happy to know that Star Trek has a new movie coming out soon! It’s still a few weeks away before this major blockbuster hits theaters, but fans will want to buy their tickets now. It’s going to be sold out in most theaters nationwide on May 8th; when this new Star Trek movie makes its debut on the big screen. I know the Star Trek fans will be lining up to buy tickets before this movie starts playing, so they can be the first to see what the crew on the Star Ship Enterprise is up to. If you just want to see this new Star Trek movie to look at the ears of Dr. Spock or you really are a true fan of the Star Trek movies and TV shows; then you will need to look for tickets now. This movie will be number 1 at the box office on the May 8th weekend. It might be tough finding a ticket for the May 8th or even the May 9th showings, so it is strongly suggested that all movie goers get tickets now!

Star Trek is one of those movies that fans will go see anytime and anywhere. The legacy began in 1966 with the original Star Trek episodes that were created by Gene Roddenberry. The first showed aired on September 8th in 1966 and ran until September 6th, 1969. I don’t think anyone thought then that this series would be making headlines in 2009 and over 40 years later. There have been 10 other Star Trek movies to come out, so if you haven’t seen any of the Star Trek movies yet; you will want to go catch up now, before the May 8th Star Trek comes out. This will be the 11th Star Trek movie and I wonder how many people could have guessed “how many star trek movies have there been?”; but I’m sure a few loyal fans knew the answer. These will be the same Star Trek fans that will be searching for movie tickets; to make sure they are watching it the first night it premieres.

Other movies won’t have a chance when Star Trek comes out and this movie may stay number 1 for the entire month of May. There are some other good movies playing right now and they will have a tough battle trying to keep up with the newest movie that features the Star Trek Crew. Before I tell you more about this Star Trek movie; let’s take a look at the top 10 movies from last week.

1. Fast & Furious

2. Monsters vs. Aliens

3. The Haunting in Connecticut

4. Knowing

5. I Love You, Man

6. Adventureland

7. Duplicity

8. Race to Witch Mountain

9. 12 Rounds

10. Sunshine Cleaning

No big surprise that Fast & Furious took top honors last weekend. It should have another strong showing this weekend too.  I was surprised to see Knowing drop so far back down to number 4 on the list. I’m not sure if people do not like the new Nicolas Cage movie or perhaps the short title has left them not knowing about this new movie. The previews for Knowing do look pretty good and I would be surprised if people didn’t like this movie. Sunshine Cleaning made a nice showing and this movie finished 10th on the box office list. This may be a movie I have to go see soon, but the R rating doesn’t make it good for children to watch. The children will want to watch Monsters versus Aliens anyway and this is the kid movie of the week!


All of these movies and new movies coming out like Hannah Montana that starts this week will be in trouble when Star Trek starts playing in May. I think the Hannah and Miley Cyrus fans will flood the theaters this weekend and this movie will be tops at the box office. They may just hold that spot until May 8th too.

The new Star Trek movie will be about the early days of James Kirk and the USS Enterprise. I guess the creators will be taking a “Star Wars” type approach and rewinding the years back. This worked well for Silence of the Lambs too and I love the move Hannibal Rising. Star Trek will be a major hit movie and possibly the only thing standing in Hannah Montana and Miley Cyrus’s way right now is this new science fiction movie that will be huge!

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  1. For awhile,I believed i was worried Star Trek was a passing away franchise. Then JJ Abrams came along. Good touch. The scene with kid Kirk was a tad too quirky in the movie, however it was very hot in the movie trailer. Star Trek XI breathed new life into this precious Roddenberry world. I’d like to see all of this Enterprise cast returning for much more outings. I spent my childhood years with the primary series. Heck, my dad got us a color Television just so we could look at Star Trek each and every Friday afternoon. Today, I’m stuck on these new actors. In MHO, they’ve breathed life into their characters and made them their own. I, for one, am looking forward to more.

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