Nominate Your Favorite Blogs Online

Do you know of a great blog you have seen online? Then be sure to help that blogger out and reply with that link back to their blog. This is a great linking opportunity for bloggers and you can get another link coming into your blog.

You may nominate your own blog and if you have more than 1 blog, feel free to post multiple links. I have 6 blogs on their own domain name and then one community blog that I get to use for free. I love the blogging game and found it to be very fun. Blogging is a great hobby to have and a good way to keep an online diary of your life.

So what blogs online have caught your eye? I have put some good quality work and effort into my blog called Creating A Simple Life and this blog is still a work in progress. I hope to have a lot more good posts done there this year and see just how many readers I can obtain over that time period.


I’m sure you have seen a blog that you like to read or have saved to your favorites. Celebrity blogs are fun to read and I like checking them out every now and then. One of my favorite celebrity blogs is theĀ Alyssa Milano Blog. She does a good job blogging and it’s a great way to see what is going on in her world. Let me know the celebrities blogs you have read in the past or which ones you think are worthy of a little extra attention.

I look forward to seeing all the good blogs and bloggers that are out there. Just reply back with the link to a blog you like online and give reasons why you like it so much. Let us know if it’s the look or design of the blog that you like or if you like the way the posts are written on the blog that you consider the best blog online.

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  2. pat says:

    I look at a lot of blogs and have found that much of the information in them would be better suited for twitter or facebook. The blogs I enjoy the most are also not so subject specific, but more eclectic in nature. I think my blog is in the category. I have lived a crazy life and have been in the right places at the right and wrong times. I have many stories related to those times. There is also prose, short stories, song lyrics, poems, and photography. I hope you enjoy it!

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