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My Favorite Free Online Games

I have a lot of free online games I like to play. Gamers have a lot to choose from these days, so it’s hard to just pick one free online game that is your favorite. I recently started playing this … Continue reading

Gambling Online Gaining Popularity

There are a large number of online gambling sites that are spring up every day it seems   With online slots gaining in popularity and online gambling, growing with a much younger audience the need to have safer sites is … Continue reading

Google Ranked Us – Lottery Numbers

***April 11th and April 15th, 2014 Google Lottery Numbers:   15 – 17 – 35 – 44 – 64 and MegaBall – 03 JACKPOT – $20 Million Dollars for Friday, April 11th! JACKPOT – $??? Million Dollars for Tuesday, April … Continue reading

2009 New Year Celebration

The clock is a ticking and 2009 is almost here. We are less than 24 hours away from seeing the Big Apple in New York drop or if you live in Georgia seeing the Peach drop in downtown Atlanta. Everyone … Continue reading

Cherokee Gambling

Up there in the mountains of North Carolina is a little casino nestled between the Smokey Mountains. It’s located on a Indian Reservation in North Carolina and it takes a little over 2 hours to get there from my house. … Continue reading

Popular Video Games Right Now

If your kids own a gaming system and you was looking to get them a new game this year, I have a list of some of the most popular video games on the market right now. These games are hot … Continue reading

Go Play PacMan Now for Free

I still have very good memories of heading off to the arcade to play Pac Man and it was the best thing in the world to do at the time. You can go play several variations of the game online … Continue reading

Winning Money at Casinos

While cleaning out my desk today, I found some casino receipts that I cashed out in 2007. One was for 1,250 dollars and another one was for 650 dollars. I won both amounts on the same lucky machine in Cherokee, … Continue reading

Better Blackjack Skills

Learning to play blackjack online or in real life can be a lot of fun. I think most people know how to play, but very few can play really well or at least give their self the best chances of … Continue reading

Play Bingo Online

Just head over to and see the different Bingo Games that are going on right now!

Hot Machines at the Casino

I use to think that after a machine hit (paid out a nice prize) it wouldn’t hit again anytime soon. I am thinking in new ways now and I think it’s better to find the hot machines. If you’re at … Continue reading

Beginners Help to Online Gaming

An Online Casino Guide has everything you will want to know about the online casinos and you will even learn some new stuff that you wasn’t aware of, so please be sure to check out the guide first! Good … Continue reading

Where To Play Poker Online

Where do you go to play poker online? If you have any good suggestions, please leave a reply and let me know. If you’re trying to find a good place to play cards online; then I might have a good … Continue reading

Spades the Ultimate Card Game

I am someone that likes to pick up a deck of cards from time to time. One of my favorite card games would have to be spades. It’s real simple to learn and most can be taught the basics of … Continue reading

Weekly Card Game with the Guys

I haven’t sat down and played poker with the boys lately. I have been very busy trying to do so many other things online; I just haven’t found time for it. So many great opportunities exist online today and I’m … Continue reading

Poker Not on TV as Much

You don’t see poker on the tube as much as you did a few years back. It seems Texas Hold’em and games like that are losing their steam. The poker world has created some superstars and they are still big … Continue reading

An Online Casino that is Golden

If you’re searching for a good online casino or maybe you’re just looking for something fun to do; see if an online casino is right for you. For most of them you can use real or play money and compete … Continue reading

Trusted Online Casinos

If you like to gamble online and would like to join with an online casino that you can trust, check out the ones at Dex Casino. They do reviews on a lot of the online casinos, poker rooms and gaming sites … Continue reading

3 of a Kind Beats 2 Pairs

If everyone would have been more patient and waited until my luck ran out, they could have beat me on my inexperience. I think that is the biggest key to winning in poker and especially for a Texas Hold’em poker … Continue reading

Customize Jewelry

How would you like to start designing and customizing your own jewelry at AJ’s Jewelry? You come up with the design for what you want your jewelry to look like and AJ’s Jewelry will create it. They can do men’s … Continue reading