Tremendous Potential for the Atlanta Hawks Summer League in 2014

While most fans are still trying to get that bitter taste out of their mouths, from that Game 6 loss, to the Indiana Pacers at Philips Arena and then losing Game 7 at Indy in the play-offs last year; things are picking up around the ATL. It first started back in late June, when the Hawks drafted two great prospects in Adreian Payne from Michigan State and then an overseas player named Walter Taveras. Both of these guys are on the summer league team in Las Vegas. After watching a few YouTube videos of Payne playing in college, I see another Al Horford here. You know the way Josh Smith and Al Horford would go up and grab rebounds and then take off down the court? Dribbling it the whole way down the court, so the team could have a shot at a fast break? Well that’s Adreian Payne! He does that a lot. He goes up, grabs the board and if there isn’t a passing lane open or a guard ready to take the pass, he just takes off and leads the break his self. I really like this fast pace of basketball, where the big men can dribble and out run their defenders to the other end of the floor. Mr. Payne and Al are going to keep the pace very fast, with their abilities to hustle down the court with or without the ball in their hands.

As for the 2nd round pick in Taveras, his height is the first thing that comes to mind. Measurements vary a bit, so we will just call him 7 foot 3 for now. He is going to be a project for the Hawks, but worth the time, if he can develop into an effective shot blocker, and rebounder. I really like this pick and can’t wait to see him in action this weekend at Vegas. Yes, he is going to be on the Hawks Summer League Roster!

Before draft night was over, the Hawks did manage to make a deal for another player too. I think the Hawks Brass was hoping Lamar Patterson from Pittsburgh would go undrafted. Unfortunately that didn’t happen, as the Milwaukee Bucks selected Patterson with the 48th overall pick. Whatever the case was, the Hawks had a target on him, and did manage to reach a trade agreement with the Bucks. A future 2nd round pick for Patterson and this may prove to be a cheap price to pay, 5 years down the road, when Patterson is having more triple doubles than Lance Stephenson of the Pacers! Lance had a career year with 13.8 points per game, 7.2 rebounds per game, and still managed to dish out 4.6 assists per game too! I know several Hawks Fans who would like to see the team get Stephenson from Indiana this off-season, but we may already have him! At least a younger version in Patterson. After watching him play in college, there is one thing that immediately jumps out at ya. U-N-S-E-L-F-I-S-H!!! His greatest strength could also be his greatest weakness. Everyone on the team is going to love playing with LP. He is a tremendous passer and if you keep moving, and get open, he will find you. Since he played 4 years in college, he doesn’t have to learn how to play the game on our dime. Patterson and Payne learned the game in college, so now they just have to work on getting better and fitting in to our style of play.

Don’t go away! I’m just getting started on this impressive group of young men the Atlanta Hawks will have representing them in Las Vegas, for the 2014 Summer League. Our “all young” group is only half way complete. Obviously starting at Center for our All Young Team will be the big 7’3″ guy Taveras. At the Power Forward position, we have Adreian Payne. I’m going to use Lamar as my 2 guy or the shooting guard position. Sliding him over to the 1 or 3 spot on the floor, wouldn’t be that big of a deal. He’s more than capable of defending those guys on defense. Perhaps the really, really quick point guards would be an issue, but not many around who can defend them anyways.

Every team needs a star player. Our All Young Team is no different and I will ask Casey Prather from Florida to fill this role on our team. Why did this guy go undrafted? He averaged like 3 points a game for his first 3 years at Florida. Then last year, he played an important role for a team that never lost, and averaged over 15 points a game for his senior season. His outside shot is descent, but the ability to drive in and finish at the rim is what makes this guy our star player. He will get his share of dunks and could find a lot of time at the free throw line, once he learns the NBA Referees. I believe all the experts and NBA Draft Guru’s missed this one. Forget the pencil, you can INK him in as the Small Forward to our All Young Team.

Point guard time! We now need a good guard to run the show for us. It looks like we have two great choices here! I will give the nod to Trevor Releford from Alabama. Another great college player, who played for a great collegiate program, and played at a high level. It remains to be seen, if he can run an NBA offense and keep everyone happy. His ability to score is NBA-Worthy! Let him run the point guard duties as a starter and use Stephen Holt as the back up PG. Holt is 6’4″ and his big size may prove to be needed down the road, as the backcourts in the NBA continue to grow taller.

All Young Team (Hawks Rookies in Summer League)

PG – Trevor Releford #16

SG – Lamar Patterson #10

SF – Casey Prather #28

PF – Adreian Payne #33

C – Walter Taveras #22

*How would this team have played in the NCAA Tournament?

**Could this team beat UCONN?

I would love to see these 5 guys on the court, at the same time, at some point in Vegas next week. The good news is, we got 3 guys who will be helping our All Young Team. Dennis Schroder will likely see the most minutes at PG. Number 12 appears ready to be our leading scorer, as John Jenkins recovers from his recent back surgery. Also, look for Mike Muscala to have a big week in Vegas too.

I really think our guys put together a team this year. Look for us to have our best summer ever! Going out West during the summer, hasn’t always went our way. Some of those Utah Teams we sent to the Rocky Mountain Review didn’t pan out that well. I know, I know, it’s only summer league! No strategies or wins are important. It’s just about evaluating talent and seeing how they play against “quality” competition. However, I think it is different this year. We are loaded with talent and guys that look great on “paper”. I could see Atlanta winning this tournament and will say Casey Prather is our MVP of the Tournament and our Hawks team too!

Which player from the ATL do you see taking home the MVP Honors from our Summer League Team in Vegas?

I know you guys have a lot of questions, let me try to answer some of them now:

When do the Hawks Summer League Team play their first game on TV?

*Game 1 on TV – Sunday 6AM – NBAtv Washington Wizards

*Game 2 on TV – Monday 4AM – NBAtv NBA D-League

*Game 3 on TV – Tuesday 4PM – NBAtv Portland Trail Blazers

*Game 4 on TV – (To Be Determined)

These are the games on television. All times are Eastern Time Zone in Georgia viewing areas.

Another Hawks player to keep an eye on in the summer league action is Michael Bramos. He is 27 years old and he has a great stroke from outside. He can knock down jumpers and has the ability to dunk around the hoop. His ability to jump and shoot makes him a factor in Vegas. Don’t be surprised if he challenges Casey Prather, the Florida Gator Senior, in the race for Team MVP of the Hawks Summer League Team.

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Sensational Advertising Results Await You…


Are you seeking online ads? Need more visitors to your website? Looking to build up a downline or find some new referrals for a money-making program you just joined? Well fear not, advertising online is much easier than advertising off line (in the real world).  Also, it is much cheaper to advertise online. Your online ads can reach more people and cost you less money. Have I sold you yet?

Look at it this way. An ad in your phone book, local newspaper, or on a large billboard in your city is going to cost a pretty penny. Maybe you get lucky and can place an ad in the newspaper for $25. The phone company will cut you a break and only charge you $50 for an ad in all their phone books. Perhaps the owner of that big billboard out on the interstate highway will let you advertise there for $99 a month. How many people is actually going to see your ad? Everyone that gets your phone book or local paper isn’t going to view your ad. And who has time to look at a billboard while we are driving? Remember we have to text, talk on our cell phones, and eat while we are driving down the road. No time to be looking at signs along the highway.

Start Advertising Online Now

The only true way to insure every advertising penny is going to go to a real person, is to advertise online at a place like Clix-Sensation. It’s a brand new site that has just recently came online. New sites usually take time to build up a huge membership base, but this is not your “usual” online website. Its new and growing really fast! Also, advertisers that get in now, while the prices are dirt-cheap, will be able to secure these cheap prices, when they start to go up. As the site becomes larger, its only natural that the advertising prices will increase. If you get in now, you will be able to lock-in the low rates, when everyone else will be paying more down the road. As ClixSensation grows, so will your advertising results!

*Regular Website Ads

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You have a lot of different choices on which way you want to advertise on the World Wide Web. I really like the potential, the Micro Job Ads offer. Here is a unique way to get online users to do small jobs or tasks for you on the Net and then you can reward them for their efforts. For those of you out there, that are really creative, I know you will come up with some great ways to use this Clix-Sensation Advertising Feature.

For those that don’t have time to wait and you need 1000’s of hits now. You can sign up for LinkGrand and take advantage of their huge membership base; which is already in place. They offer text link ads; which is great for daily, unique hits that your website needs now. Join Link Grand for instant traffic and sign up with Clix-Sensation and place your first ad with them now, so you can have low prices later on, when the membership base explodes! Two great places to get traffic flowing to your sites and it is some of the cheapest rates you will find anywhere else.

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The Doctors New Book: The Doctors Diet

Fans of the popular daytime TV show The Drs can now look for a new book that is out. Doctor Travis has put a lot of time and effort into this new book. It appears to be an easier way to adapt to a better daily diet. The book really doesn’t tell you to “not do” anything; but rather to limit some of the things and choices you do make each and everyday.

This latest medical book is called The Doctors Diet. It’s packed with a lot of helpful advice to get you and every one at home eating better. If your family is in need of a nutritional makeover; then this would be a good starting point. Dr. Travis didn’t just put things in the book for all of us to do, but he actually lives by this book him self. I think that is very important to know, when you do start a new diet plan. Often it is easy to give advice and tell others what to do, but rarely do we see the folks giving the advice, actually doing it their self. Doctor Travis, from the Drs TV Show, is following the advice of The Doctors Diet book, in which he wrote.

Now that January is almost over, have you been able to stick to your New Year’s Resolution? Since a lot of us out there probably made a resolution to not eat junk food, fatty foods, gluten foods, high carb foods, or some other diet plan. Perhaps losing weight was the exact goal and eating a healthy diet was just part of the plan. If that is the case, I’m sure exercise was high on your list of things to do. Since the weather has been so cold outside, has this hurt any of your outdoor plans to exercise? Winter can be a hard time to start an exercise program. Especially with all of this cold weather that we have been getting lately. I never thought I would be learning about a polar vortex this winter. You know, that rotation up in Canada that sends a ton of arctic cold air down to the lower 48 states. Especially to the Midwest and Eastern states. Normally excuses are not accepted in a diet or exercise plan. I believe the cold winter weather is an excuse that we can live with for now. It’s better to be safe than cold, right? No one needs to be risking any outdoor exercises, that you might have wanted to be doing by now.

For those of you that have given up on your New Year’s Resolutions, it’s time we start a new one. Let’s wait for the weather to warm up outside, before we do those jogs around the neighborhood. For now, we can do a few sit ups and push ups to keep our blood flowing. Maybe even do a few aerobics from a YouTube video to get our bodies use to exercising. Also, while we wait for the weather to get nicer outside, this would be a good time to order Doctor Travis’ new book The Doctors Diet. You can order it online and have it shipped out to you in a week or two. While you wait for your book, The Doctors Diet, you can get your body use to stretching and come up with your own daily food menu. Develop your own routine for eating and exercising. Then once your book arrives, you can then make adjustments (where needed) and learn about some new things from the book.

How often do you eat nuts? If you watched the Doctors TV Show, where they were talking about Doctor Travis’ new book, you would have gotten some very valuable information. We all could use a few extra nuts in our daily diets (assuming you or no one in your family is allergic to them). You might be able to make a case that nuts are the most important single piece of food there is! I’m serious! Even when comparing it to broccoli or spinach, it might help the body in more areas than a green, leafy vegetable could. Just wait until you get your book and you will be able to read about nuts and other foods that provide some real value to the body. Foods that are not just good for one thing, but have multi-purposes for maintaining good health.

The Doctor’s Diet: Dr. Travis Stork’s STAT Program to Help You Lose Weight & Restore Your Health

*Stay on Plan

*Think Ahead

*Size Up Your Size

*Get Served

*Give Protein a Hand

*Choose Drinks that Accelerate Weight Loss

*Keep It Real

*Fill Up with H2O

*Scramble It Up

*Go Low with Dairy Fat

*Spice is Nice

*Slip the Skip

*Focus on Fat Burning Fruits

*Fill’er Up

*Get Ready for Fast Results

Dr. Phil with Guest Host Dr. Travis Stork and the STAT Diet
YouTube Preview Image

It’s not too late to make a New Year’s Resolution for 2014. In fact, let’s make 2014 the year we all remember. While the last few years may all fade together, with all the bad habits we currently have or were doing back then. Let’s all get started now and begin at the same point. If we all hop on the STAT Diet Plan now, we can travel down the tracks as a group. Not only will we make 2014 a year to remember, just imagine how good we will all feel when 2015 rolls around? The Doctors Diet book is going to provide positive results a lot sooner than that. I just think if we all stick to a great diet plan like this one, we will really have something to celebrate in a year from now. So January 1st is not our “New Year”. The day your book arrives in the mail, will become your new “New Year’s Day of Healthy Living“. I can’t wait to get started and I look forward to hearing back from all of you. Please feel free to ask any questions or leave your comments below. I will get back to you ASAP!

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Cheryl Tiegs Appears on the Doctors TV Show

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Supermodel Cheryl Tiegs opens up and talks about one of her health and beauty secrets on the Doctors TV Show. It is a cactus drink from the desert. The Sonoran Bloom Nopalea has seem to work well for her over the years and it does contain a lot of good health properties and benefits. Here are some of the product’s claims:

  • * Helps Relieve Pain
  • *Improves Breathing
  • *Reduces Swelling in Joints and Muscles
  • *Reduces Inflammation
  • *Protects Against Premature Aging
  • *Achieve Optimal Cellular Health
  • *Detoxify Your body

It is a health drink with a lot of natural ingredients in it. Each person will probably have different results, if they choose to start drinking the Cheryl Tiegs Cactus Drink for their daily or weekly routines. I would think the taste and price of the product to be a couple of major concerns for those who want to try this healthy cactus drink. If you like the taste of it and can afford to pay for it, then it does look like a solid product to have around. You could certainly drink a lot more things out there, which would not be as helpful or beneficial as the Sonoran Nopalea Cactus Drink. If you do choose to try this product or if you have already tried it in the past, please be sure to let us know your thoughts on the taste. I’m sure a lot of folks out there, would like to know how it tastes, before they spent any money on this pricey health drink.

Doctors TV Show

Another way to drink your way to a healthy lifestyle is by drinking your meals. As funny as that sounds, there was a featured chef on today’s show and he prepared 6 different drinks for the Drs to try today. The taste of each drink got mixed reviews from the doctors, but they did like some of these drinks. Instead of eating a salad or a plate of seafood, someone thought these tastes could be made in a drink. Once your body would ingest the drink, your brain would tell the body it is now eating. At some point, you would get your fill of the drinks and would feel “full”, even though you only had a few drinks. This process is not a cheap answer to a healthy diet either. Expect to pay over $200 for just one meal, if you decide to have the works. However, there was a special recipe given out, so folks at home could make up their own tasty drinks to try. So if you want to see if you can fool your brain and taste buds, you can make this special drink recipe and see what you think about the taste.

Cinnamon Vanilla Berry Water

300mL cold water (the use of soft water is preferable)
20g dried or fresh blueberry
20g dried or fresh cranberry
3 sticks of vanilla
1 cinnamon stick
2-3g of brown sugar (optional)

Put all ingredients together in a pan. Dr./Chef recommends using a pan that allows just enough space for the combined ingredients for evaporation, for example, a small 400mL capacity pot. If you are using dried berries, it is preferable to let them sit in water a few hours prior. If you are using fresh berries, this is not necessary. Bring to a boil and then turn the heat off, leaving it above the stovetop range, and cover it. Keep covered for at least 30 minutes to trap the aromatic and gustatory elements. Strain the water and let cool. Conserve in the refrigerator at approximately 46°-47° F. Serve no more than 40-50mL in each glass. It’s preferable to have “seconds” of this quantity various times than to pour a
glass surpassing this quantity.

Do you think you will try to make this special drink recipe? If so, please be sure to come back here and let us know the results. Like if it was good? Do you think you will make it again? Do you recommend others trying it out? All of the feedback you can offer will be used, so please don’t hesitate to leave us a reply.

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Targeting Keywords for Marketing

A lot of webmasters these days are putting some forms of advertisements on their websites, hoping that their website traffic will click on some of these ads. Each time a click thru is recorded; it equals cash into the webmaster’s pocket. This can be a great way to generate a little extra income, just make sure that you do follow the rules of these different paid to click companies. They don’t like bad traffic or false clicks and often webmasters get their accounts canceled before they receive the first penny from these ads. I know words like attorney, real estate or make money online on a website will help generate these types of ads on a website and these are some of the ones that pay the higher bucks per click thru. Instead of focusing on some these higher paying ads, your better off making up a website with things you know or have a love to update regularly. The search engines prefer these websites more and this will lead to more traffic and keeping fresh content on any website is important if you want to rank high on the major search engines. Try to add the keywords that are relevant, but at the same time keeping a focus on the niche or theme of your website.

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How To Play the Violin at Home

Some musical instruments would seem easy to learn at home. While others, like the violin for instance, would be very difficult to learn at home by yourself. I guess that shows you how little I know, cause learning how to play violin is not that difficult at all. You can choose the more expensive path with private lessons. These types of lessons will eat into the wallet and pocketbooks real fast. For those on a stricter budget, you will be happy to know, about these cool DVD lessons for the violin, in which you can order online. The DVD lessons are a lot cheaper and students will learn just as much, if not more, with these helpful violin DVDs.

These cool musical DVDs do come with their own teacher with them. Your new violin teacher will be Mrs. Seidel and she will take you slowly through each step of the learning process, so you’re not missing a thing, with these DVD Violin Lessons at home. If you’re new to the violin, you will have the opportunity to start out with the Beginner Series, so you are not lost on day 1. The more advance students can save time and jump right in with the Intermediate Series; which has been specially designed and formatted for the more experienced students.

The part I like about these violin lessons at home, is the Holiday Series you can learn how to play. It won’t be too much longer, until the holiday season is rolling around again. Imagine getting the kids started on the holiday performances right now in the summer time. So they can show-off in front of the relatives and grandparents on Thanksgiving and Christmas. I can just see the look now, on a lot of proud faces from the parents; while the kids entertain a small or large group of adults, during the festive holiday season.

Let’s face it, there isn’t any more excuses for any of us. These instructional DVDs are available at a good price (cheaper than the private lessons) and they are just waiting to teach the next child or adult, that wants to learn how to play the violin. Or if you already know how to play; then learn how to play the violin better. Have fun with it and please hurry, if the holiday series interests you for this upcoming holiday season!

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Taking my baby girl prom dressing shopping

Guest post written by Alice Vernon

I can’t believe that my daughter is old enough to actually go to prom! She’s just 15 years old and her boyfriend is taking her to the prom. At first I thought about not letting her go because I was afraid of things that she might get into after the prom, but then she decided to come home after the prom if I promised to cook her and her boyfriend a cake. So that’s settled. Now I just had to worry about finding her an outfit!

Now, we don’t have a very big budget, but I wanted to make sure that she finds a nice dress to wear that she’ll be proud of for years. So i looked online to see if I could find some good ideas about where to take her shopping for it. When I was looking through prom dresses I saw this Debt Counseling Site and realized it could really come in handy for our family. We’ve been in some debt for a while now and I’d love to get out of it sometime soon.

We have a limited budget for prom dress shopping because of that debt and I want to make sure that the dress we buy is still gorgeous for her sake.

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Someone Like You by Adele

The Adele Song – Someone Like You

YouTube Preview Image

Her name is Adele and when she sung this very song, I think it put her on the music map for life. She is a very talented artist into today’s ever-growing music field. There is probably no other female singer out there right now, that is shinning brighter than Ms. Adele. For anyone who seen the last music awards show, then you know what I am talking about. Just about every time she was mentioned in an award’s category, she ended up winning it. She made a lot of trips up to that stage that night and sent a strong and clear message to all, that Adele is here to stay!

She sings this song Someone Like You very well. The first time I ever heard it, I was thinking it was an old 1980’s song. It has a real familiar sound to it, but I just couldn’t quite place it. I wanted to figure out who this 80’s singer was, but to my surprise, it was a new song. Ever since then, I have heard this song being played many times over. Adele really sings her heart and soul out in this song and you can just hear it. I don’t really have the “musical ear“, but good music is good music. It doesn’t take a specially trained pair of ears; when you hear a beautiful and passionate song like this. I will go ahead and give Adele the female artist of the year and the 2012 song of the year. Someone Like You is a song that will be around forever and it will stand the test of time. It will still be around, long after we have all vanished from the face of this Earth.

To add one more funny Adele story to this blog post. I was listening to a local radio station in the Atlanta, Georgia area. It was on in the morning time and it was last Friday, the morning of that huge Mega-Millions Lottery. Where the winner of it would receive 640 million dollars! The lady hosting this radio morning show said, if she won the Megamillions Jackpot for all that money, she would get Adele to play a private concert in her living room. While that sounds funny and all, she might have been serious. It got me to thinking if it was even possible and I quickly concluded it was. I believe if you offered Adele 200 or 300 thousand dollars for a private home concert, she would do it for that price. If not, it shouldn’t take much more than that to land her. Even if a home owner went all out and gave her 2 million or even 5 million dollars for this private concert event, they would still have plenty of money. If they would have won the lottery drawing by their self and didn’t have to split with anyone. After a 5 million dollar check to the musical artist Adele, the winner would still have 400 million or so in their bank account. So getting Adele for a private concert would be a drop in the bucket and it got me to dreaming the same dream, as this Atlanta area DJ, who was hosting the morning show that early Friday morning. In case you didn’t hear or was living on another planet at the time, there was a Mega Millions Winner on Friday. It was actually 3 different winners from 3 different states, who will get to split the largest lottery jackpot in the history of the World!

Please give me some feedback and let me know where you think Adele currently ranks and do you like this famous song as much as I do? Also, let me know how many Mega Tickets you bought for the 600 Million Dollar Lottery?

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Garden Results Begin with Micrale-Gro Planting Mix

This post brought to you by Scotts®. All opinions are 100% mine.

The weather is warming up and it will be time to plant those vegetables and flowers soon. I hope to have a large tomato garden this year. I will start planting the week after Easter Sunday. I think this is the best time, for those who live in North Georgia or in the Southeastern areas. Usually after this spring holiday, you can count on the weather staying warm. We might still get blackberry winter, but the temperature will not go below 40 degrees Fahrenheit. It will just feel like it is freezing, with those strong winds; which come with blackberry winter.

EnG Product Shot.png

I don’t have the best green thumb in the world, so I will get a little “store-bought” help (if you know what I mean).  I believe I will try this Expand ‘n Gro™  from the Miracle-Gro Company. It is a concentrated mix of planting goodies, to help my vegetables grow fast and strong. It is an excellent source of plant food for your vegetables and the flower gardens too. What I like most about this Miracle-Gro Planting Mix, is the way it helps to retain water in the garden. If you keep a lot of water on your plants, they will grow real good. This is not always easy to do and sometimes due to droughts, some areas will be forced into local watering bans. You can get your garden through a drought and a watering ban, if you use this special formulated planting mix, which uses natural fibers to help retain water. It will hold 50% more water than those other potting soils you can buy. If your plants keep a good resource of water near the roots, they will not only survive, but they will thrive in any hot, summer weather. This planting mix keeps feeding your plants for 6 months; which is the whole growing season (pretty much).

Special Giveaway from Micrale-Gro

How would you like a sample size of Expand n Gro from the Miracle-Gro Company? Leave a reply to this post, for a chance to get a free sample. It really looks like a quality product and it comes from a trusted name we all know. I think gardening just got a little bit easier and I can’t wait to try my Expand n Gro planting mix for my vegetable garden this year!


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Mega Millions Lottery Grows Bigger

It is exciting to see the MegaMillions Lottery getting bigger. I think the Mega Millions lottery is a lot better than the Powerball Lottery. For one thing, it is cheaper to play. I can’t believe the Powerball folks want you to spend $2 on each one of their tickets. I will stick with my buck-a-day routine and play the lottery games for only a dollar.

If you hope to win the lottery some day, you must get out and play! Your chances of winning might be real small, but I can guarantee you will NOT win, if you don’t go play. It doesn’t take much money to play the lottery and it could change your life forever. Not only your life, but the people around you. Your neighbors, family, co-workers, and friends could all benefit, if your lucky numbers was to come out.

Recently I started to play the Fantasy 5 in Georgia. I think this is a great lottery game to play. It starts off at $50,000 and goes up each time there is not a winner. Some of these Fantasy 5 Jackpots get real big in the Georgia Lottery. Just this past weekend, we had a jackpot for over a million dollars. If you could just win 100 or 200 thousand dollars, this would be enough money to change your life for now. That much money would really help me out and come in handy. So I am playing $1 a day. I pick out my 1 set of numbers on Friday. I then play the same 5 numbers for a full 7 days. Hopefully I will win some through the week and get some cash back for my next week’s play. If I match 2 numbers correctly, I will win a free set of numbers to another Fantasy 5 drawing. I will save all of my free ticket wins and cash them in, when the jackpot is over $150,000 or something like that. Make sure I am not using it on a small 50K drawing.

I think you should start doing this same routine too. If you don’t live in Georgia or near the border of Georgia, you can play your state’s lottery game; which is similar to Fantasy 5. Hopefully you have one and the odds and jackpots are roughly the same. Get out and start playing, cause you can’t win if you don’t play. And if you do go out now and buy a ticket, because you read this blog post. I hope you will remember me, if you was to win something big. I would really appreciate any financial help I could get, so I can help to change my life and the people around me too! Thanks and good luck!!!

***Mega Millions Lottery is up to $356,000,000 for this Tuesday’s drawing

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Thanks for the guest post by Esteban Vinson

I have started using my clear internet coverage to start a little business out of my house. I have always loved to sew since my grandmother taught me how to when I was just a little girl. She taught me how to make clothes for my Barbies and dolls. She never even used a pattern and would make beautiful dresses and clothes. I still don’t know how she did that! Recently, I learned about a handmade and craft website called You can sell your handmade goods on-line and it reaches a large audience. I have started offering to make doll clothes that match a little girl’s outfits. My first ones were just little jumpers. Now, I have gotten more advanced and will make custom outfits. Some customers have requested costumes for their children and their dolls. The custom outfits sometimes take more time because I have to do a lot of thinking before I make something that I have never made, but there is a pretty big market for it! If business keeps going as well as it had, it may be time for me to make it a week job and not just a weekend job!

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Cookies and Ice Cream Recipes

I got to thinking about a recipe in my head. I’m not sure how it would taste, but I think it would really be good. If you have any good recipes for cookies and ice cream, please don’t hesitate to post them here. Any replies I can get back, for any good dessert recipes, will be super!

My recipe consists of the following ingredients:

*Vanilla Ice Cream

*Oreo Vanilla Cookies (sandwich cookies yellow pack)

*Chocolate Syrup

*Caramel Syrup

*Mug or Tall Glass

First step is to make your cookie crumbs. You would take the Oreo Vanilla Sandwich Cookies and put them in a plastic bag or a freezer bag. Then take something hard and crush them to small pieces. Not too small, just enough hits, so each cookie breaks into about 8 to 12 pieces. Then take a few of the cookie crumbs and layer the bottom of your mug. Make it about 1/4 to 1/2 of an inch thick. Then take the chocolate syrup and poor a nice layer of it on top of the crumbled cookies. After that is done, then take a table spoon of vanilla ice cream (maybe a touch more) and put a layer of ice cream down. After you have done that step, go back and repeat the process over again, but instead of the chocolate syrup, we will start with our caramel syrup for our next layer. Then more ice cream and cookie crumbs. Keep doing this process of layering, until you reach the top or run out of Oreo cookie crumbs.

At the top, you could add something like whip cream and maybe a cherry on top. To make it look a little fancy, you could also add a small piece of mint (the mint plant stem with a couple of leaves). Also, if anyone doesn’t like chocolate or caramel syrup, you could use only one or neither. Just the cookie crumbs and ice cream would make a good little cookies n’ cream float. Yum Yum…to me, this sounds like it would be very good, but I have never tried my own recipe. So please don’t blame me, if this combination turns out to not be a good one. I think with the limited ingredients we are using, it would be a great combination of a cold sugary treat.

Now if you have any recipes like this or maybe one you just thought of in your head (like me), feel free to reply to this blog post and tell me your big idea. I always love hearing from my readers. Have fun with the recipes and with spring time fast approaching, we will need more of these ice cream dessert treats!

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Tornado Season: Coming to a Neighborhood Near You!

It is getting close to that time of the year again. Where a nice, sunny day can suddenly turn to a dark sky with a big twister coming down from the sky above. It is a scary site, to be near a tornado. One thing is for sure, no one should take tornado season lightly. There are things we can do now, so we can keep our families safe from the severe weather dangers, most of us will have to face in the months ahead.

There is a lot of things a homeowner can do, to prepare for the severe weather ahead. Most know the power will go out at some point, so a good crank radio is a good investment to get. Especially one that comes with a flashlight and a cell phone battery charger. Most of these hand-crank radios have a ton of different features that come with them, so people can be prepared for various emergencies. Another thing you can never have enough of with bad storms, is the wax candles. I know most homes have a candle somewhere in the house, but it may be hard to find with no lights on. So be sure you know where you keep the candles and try to stock them in different places around your house. Since candles are pretty cheap, this is an emergency item everyone should have on hand. I know one candle special online had 125 small candles for less than 10 dollars. You can’t beat that price!

Most folks probably don’t have a first aid kit or an emergency kit in their homes. I know its becoming more popular to keep these emergency kits in our cars, but each household should have one too. These emergency kits come in a variety of sizes and you can get them as big or small as you want. Looking around online is probably your best bet, to find the perfect emergency kit for you and your family.

Here is a short list of the most common supplies needed:

*First Aid Medicines


*Cigarette Lighter



*Cell Phone Charger

*Working Cell Phone



*Tarps and Umbrellas


I know shoes might not seem like a big deal, but it is. It is best to go ahead and put your shoes on first, before a bad storm ever gets to your neighborhood. Having shoes on, will be a life saver, if you need to get out and walk around or help others in the aftermath of these severe storms.

If you loose part of your roof, the insurance companies want you to cover it up, with one of those blue tarps. If any further damage occurs, because rain leaked in, then in most cases, the insurance places will NOT pay for water damages. They take care of the wind damage, but they expect you to protect your home from the water and rain falling down outside.

Hopefully when bad weather strikes us, it is during the daytime. Most of the time it is during the daylight hours. Since the heating of the day, is what produces the main energy for these thunderstorms. However, they do go over us during the nights too. This is one reason, why most will want to have a severe weather radio siren around, so they can be alerted to these overnight disasters. I hope you never have to face a tornado at night. I think it is hard enough to survive them during the day and it is much worse at night. Be sure to prepare your kits and your emergency plans, like it was at night, so you can prepare for the worse and hope for the best. If you take a little time now, to prepare for these awful spring time storms, we can all come out of them alive. No one should ever have to lose their life in a thunderstorm or a neighborhood tornado.

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T-Mobile Offers a Friendly Social Networking Phone

This is a Sponsored post written by me on behalf of LG DoublePlay™ for SocialSpark. All opinions are 100% mine.

How often do you use a phone for surfing the Net or checking up on your social networking sites? For me, I never have used my cell phone that much. I probably make about 50 calls per month and I send out less text messages than that. On average, I probably send 30 text messages out per month and I probably receive around 100 back. Recently my social networking sites have been helping me with my online business. I am now in the market for a phone; which will help me have more access to the Web and especially to my social networking sites and friends.

A phone from T-Mobile caught my eye. If you want this cell phone, you can only get it from T-Mobile. It is called the LG DoublePlay™  and I really like a lot of things about this phone. It does have a nice camera with it. It is a 5 mega-pixel camera with flash. Plus it can record live video in high definition or HD, so this is another attractive feature on this T-Mobile cell phone. It does come equipped with a full size Qwerty keyboard. I like having all of my typing keys on my phone. Users of the Double Play phone, will have access to the Gingerbread or  Android 2.3 and the Android Market. I don’t know much about these things, but I look forward to learning more about them.

Currently I don’t surf the web from my phone or do any social networking. My online business is really growing and the only way I can keep up, is to have a phone, that can connect me to the Net anytime I need it. Especially for my social networking websites, where I do a lot of advertising and speak to my online contacts and business clients. I believe T-Mobile has the best phone, for my social networking desires. How much do you like to use your phone, for the popular social networking websites? Do you use your phone at least one time a day, for surfing or checking up on your emails or social network sites? I will start spending about 2 hours per day on the Internet, with my new phone. Do you think you use your phone for online purposes this much? Or maybe you spend more time than this? About how many hours would you guess? Do you think if you had the LG Double PLay phone, it would help you more each day? Please be sure to let me know, because I am about to start a lot of multi-tasking assignments and I need all the help I can get.

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Georgia Bulldogs Head Coaching Job Not Safe After All

The Georgia Bulldogs will be playing Michigan State in their bowl game this year. Despite what the national sports media says, Mark Richt in Athens, does not have a comfy seat. His 10 game win streak did nothing to change the Bulldog Nation in Georgia. All this Georgia team had to do at the end of the year, was to beat Kentucky to go to the SEC Championship Game. As big as this game was for the Bulldogs, Richt did not bring a well-coach team in for this game. In fact, if not for a crucial turnover in the game, the Wildcats from Kentucky would have went to the halftime locker rooms leading this game. It was a series of field goals for the Georgia Bulldogs and that was their offense for this game. At no time, did this team really run the less talented Wildcats team off the field. This is a perfect example of a football game, in which Mark Richt fails to get his players up for the magnitude of the event. What should have been a blowout game or at least one, where the Bulldogs threw everything (including the kitchen sink) at Kentucky, they really came in with a vanilla game plan.

Then go to the LSU game for the SEC title. Mark Richt coached relaxed and let the boys play. Since there is a lot of talent in Athens, it was clear, the Bulldogs are a much more athletic team than the LSU Tigers. We saw the real Bulldog team in the first half of this game or maybe the first 25 minutes of the game. Once Georgia had a little success in this big southern game at the Georgia Dome; that is when Richt got nervous and begin to play Mark Richt football. He just doesn’t turn his guys loose on Saturdays. He doesn’t trust them. He doesn’t convey to his players the importance of things and how to deal with certain situations, when there is 2 minutes or less left in the half or the game. Mark Richt coaches a “scared game of football” and this is why he has not been able to push the Dawgs all the way to the BCS Championship Game and win it. Let these guys from Athens play, like you did in the first half, with creative play-calling, on-side kicks, and going for it on 4th down and this team can hang with anyone in the Nation. Let them play in the Mark Richt system and you will get blown out. Its been like this for years in Athens and Richt needs to move to another position for this UGA football team.

Don’t forget the first 1st down the LSU Tigers got, was due to Mark Richt telling the referees to enforce the penalty on the Bulldogs team. The referees in the SEC Championship Game had awarded the Bulldogs sideline a timeout. Yet, Richt did not want to lose a timeout in the early part of the 3rd quarter and allowed the Tigers to get their first (or maybe 2nd) first down of the game. There was no need to save this timeot, since the game ended and the Georgia Bulldogs still had a timeout in their back pocket. This did not get mentioned on the National TV Coverage, but the cameras did pick up Mark Richt and you saw him telling the referees, to take the penalty and not award him the timeout. This turned out to be the dumbest call of the game and it was the beginning of the end for the Georgia team in the Georgia Dome that night.

The way he led his team out of the locker room, from the Georgia Dome, for the first game of the year, the horrible play against Kentucky, when an SEC championship appearance was on the line, and his scared play-calling in the 2nd half, with his refusal to take the timeout and give the Tigers a 1st down and 5. It was a long list and combination of things like this in 2011, which has kept Mark Richt on the hotseat.

He admits he never heard anything from the A.D. (athletic director) at Georgia about his job. Now he is caught up in the national media hype that his job is safe and he is now off of the hot seat. FAT CHANCE! Mark Richt is a nice guy, nice coach, and can coach a descent game. He doesn’t have the guts to call games in the SEC or take chances in the toughest division in football. He has recruited well and it would be nice to see him stay in Athens and let him help with the recruits, who want to play in Athens, Georgia. The top freshmen class in the country came in to the Georgia Bulldogs football program in the 2011 season. Another super class of studs have already gave verbals to UGA and it looks like several of the big names this year, are going to be coming to Georgia again. The most talented team in the NCAA next year will be the Georgia Bulldogs. If they want the perfect season, they will need for Richt to step down, take away Mike Bobo from the offensive play-calling, or change the current situation in Athens; which has been in place for a long time now.

Good luck to the Dawgs in their bowl game this year against Michigan State. These two teams will match up in the Outback Bowl. It should be a fun game for the Georgia team, since they did get an easy opponent. Here goes my prediction for the game below and congrats to the Crimson Tide and Tigers for representing the SEC in the Big Game this year.

Georgia – 44

Michigan State – 9

*I pick the Bulldogs in the Outback Bowl and they should win by 35 points or more

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Using Search Engines Online for Help

You woke up this morning and you decided you wanted to go on a diet. You have no idea on what to do first, but you know you must start a new diet today. How would you approach a situation like this? Have you ever thought about using a search engine online for help? You know, one like Google, Yahoo, or one of my favorites Dogpile.

Start off by typing in keywords that relate to the subject matter. In this case, we are looking for a new diet. We can search for things like:

*popular diet plans

*diets that really work

*best diets

*top diet plans

*highest rated fat burners

For my search now, I will try “highest rated fat burners“. The first two results I get, don’t really relate to what I was looking for. The third listing in the search engine has a diet product called african mango. This would be a product I would want to read more about. I can save or bookmark this page now and continue looking for other search engine results, or just see if this African Mango Fat Burner would be the answer for my new diet plan. Either way, I will have a lot of options and there is a ton of information online, when it comes to best diet pills or popular diets.

I have heard to start eating more is the best way to lose weight. No, I am being serious! Instead of 3 square meals a day, you could benefit by eating 4 to 6 smaller meals. By eating a lot of times each day, you keep your metabolism going. So the trick here is to keep your metabolic rate high; while eating smaller portions. You could use a search engine, to find new diet recipes or search online for “low calorie foods and snacks

I think the World is a better place now and a lot of credit goes to the search engines. They are our maps for the World Wide Web. We would never find nothing without them. If you don’t often think to use them, then start changing your thought process. Finding new recipes for a food you like or searching for diet tips online is just the tip of the iceberg. We can learn a lot more online; than we could with our encyclopedia collection; which is just collecting dust now.


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Moving to Philly

Guest post written by Joseph Finch

When we moved to Philly last year, I spent my first few months staying at home and watching Philadelphia Direct tv. I was having a really hard time finding a job and was getting really discouraged. I moved at a weird time during the year. I am a teacher and I know that most teaching positions don’t come up until the summer, but I couldn’t even find a job being a substitute for the first few months. I applied everywhere. I even applied to work at a local department store. After taking an on-line personality assessment, I immediately got an e-mail that said that they were pursing other applicants. How discouraging! Luckily, about three months later, I got a call from a local school. One of their teachers was going on maternity leave and they needed a long-time fill-in. Now, I am so happy where I am. I am teaching science to middle-schoolers. Everyday is exciting and something new. I like Philly much better now than I did when I first got here.

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Global Advertising Solutions the Odd Way

For any small business trying to make it today online or off, it takes a lot of hard work and desire. A lot of things fail, cause the owner or the company never streamlines the product or service correctly. One website online is offering help, for those companies that are new or need help immediately. The group called G.R.U. is currently online and ready to help anyone succeed, that has the desire and time to make it happen.

They are offering 3 main services or “engagements” as they put it. You have the Brand Engagement, Digital Engagement, and Retail Engagement. Some advertising services you find online today, may only want to focus on 1 or 2 of these areas. Trying to look at the big picture here, I think Odd in London has the right idea, by spotlighting these 3 main engagements. Under each main one, they list about 5 smaller and more detail areas for a business to focus on. Allowing time to breakdown things and concentrating on these marketing tactics, can produce better results. Since 2002, these guys have worked with some really big names, which most people commonly know around the World. If you’re seeking global recognition or just better numbers, look to partner with a group online you can trust. One that gets motivated, when a small business calls them up and trusts them to handle their local advertising needs or shares their global advertising goals with them. Success for you and your small business, could really be only one click away. You already tried it your way, now give the Odd Way a try!

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Crafting some vegan fudge for Halloween

Guest post written by Beverly Fox

Going vegan a few years ago was a really tough personal decision for me to make, but I’ve decided that I’m not going to look back. Although, Halloween can be a little tough for me because I have such a sweet tooth and I just can’t go and grab just any kind of Halloween candy off the shelves now like I used to do before. Now I just have to be a little more creative and make the non-vegan treats myself.

I love to use my wireless internet Honolulu to search for different vegan recipes that I can fix. There are so many recipes out there too, so I’m never at a loss as to what I should fix.

Even though I normally think of fudge as a Christmas treat, I decided to make some vegan fudge for Halloween. I mean, when isn’t there a good time to eat fudge? To me, it’s always a great time. I shared it with my roommates too, who aren’t vegans, and they said that they thought it tasted like regular fudge! What a vegan success!

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Join the Zacapa Premium Rum Society Today Online

This is a Sponsored post written by me on behalf of Diageo. All opinions are 100% mine.

The beverages most of us drink today, all have a great story behind them. This is true with soft drinks and alcoholic beverages too. One story you may have never heard about, comes from the Zacapa premium rum label.


Back in 1976, a tiny town in Central America was celebrating 100 years of life. It was during this time, when all of the right things came together, for a great-tasting rum. Several key factors played a part in this unique brew, like the local ingredients and geography of the area. In Guatemala there is a town called Zacapa and it was here, where this special-tasting rum came to be, in the late 1970’s.

This premium dark rum would later share its name with the town and be called Zacapa. From the acidic soils, to the local sugar cane growing abundantly all around here. Made everything come together in the ageing house; which is one of the highest in the whole world. This high elevation and all of the local ingredients around, made a unique tasting rum. Along with a lot of casks and an American Whiskey or two.

To learn more about this, please search for more information online.To join the Zacapa Society, simply register your interest at

It’s a great story to know the process this rum takes. Check it out further, by taking part in the society online.

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